PLUM – pustular psoriasis, elucidating underlying mechanisms

PLUM is a study for patients with all types of pustular psoriasis. This study aims to identify genetic causes of the disease and to increase our understanding of why pustular psoriasis seems to be distinct from other more common forms of psoriasis.

What does PLUM involve?
Participants in PLUM will be asked to provide blood samples and clinical data at one study visit. Participants may then be invited to return (up to 4 times) to provide additional samples (including optional skin samples), depending on early results.

Every effort will be made to co-ordinate the study visit with scheduled clinic appointments. If participants have to make an additional visit reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Can I take part?
We are looking for patients with pustular psoriasis and people with no skin disease. Please see the Patient Information Leaflet [284kB] for more information and if you are interested in taking part please contact us using the form below. Centres open for recruitment are highlighted in the map below.

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