Anakinra for Pustular psoriasis: Response in a Controlled Trial

Welcome to our trial website!

Recruitment into APRICOT has now ended though if you are interested in taking part in research that will help us to better understand pustular psoriasis, please visit our PLUM page.

****January 2020 News: APRICOT Recruitment Target Met!****

Patients who have completed the 8 week treatment period schedule, as well as the 12 week follow-up visit, can take part in an optional 8 week period of anakinra treatment, as an Open Label Extension to the trial.

Do you have pustular psoriasis?

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APRICOT is a UK based clinical trial led by Professor Catherine Smith at Guy’s Hospital, London.

We are also running a sister project PLUM. This is an observational research project looking at the possible causes of pustular psoriasis.