Anakinra for Pustular psoriasis: Response in a Controlled Trial

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March 2020 News – COVID-19 Update:

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

Given the current extraordinary situation regarding COVID-19, our Central Co-ordinating Team has decided to pause recruitment into the PLUM Study across all of our sites until further notice.

Recruitment into APRICOT has already ended.

For patients that are currently still on study treatment:
Please refer to the official British Association of Dermatologists’ Guidance:

For our local study teams:
Please refer to the COVID-19 guidance section on the Healthcare Professionals page of this website.

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APRICOT is a UK based clinical trial led by Professor Catherine Smith at Guy’s Hospital, London.

We are also running a sister project PLUM. This is an observational research project looking at the possible causes of pustular psoriasis.