Anakinra for Pustular psoriasis: Response in a Controlled Trial

Welcome to our trial website!
We are looking for participants to take part in our clinical trial for patients with palmo-plantar pustulosis (PPP).

**Oct 2017 news: We have successfully recruited our first batch of 24 participants. We are now looking for 40 new participants to start in January 2018**

APRICOT is a UK based clinical trial led by Prof Catherine Smith at Guy’s Hospital, London.

OPEN in London, Salford, Newcastle, Cardiff, Dundee, Bradford, Liverpool, Lancaster, Dudley, Bristol

We are also running a sister project PLUM. This is an observational research project looking at the possible causes of pustular psoriasis.

Do you have pustular psoriasis?

Does it mainly affect your hands and feet?

Is it poorly controlled with your current medication?

Do you want to take part in a trial of a new drug treatment?